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Aspienwomen: Adult Women with Asperger Syndrome. Moving towards a female profile of Asperger Syndrome

Aspienwomen: Adult Women with Asperger Syndrome. Moving towards a female profile of Asperger Syndrome

1 year ago

# Maura Isles# Asperger Syndrome# tess gerritsen# very interesting read# i remember Sasha mentioning once that she thinks Maura has Asperger Syndrome# this article made me think of and understand Maura in a completely new way

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    OMFG. It is scary how closely some of these things describe me. That said, some of the descriptions are ridiculously...
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    I related so much to this article.
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  18. artbeatofmysoul707 said: WOW I had no idea those traits were part of the Asperger’s spectrum, I have so many of them, fits a lot of my INFJ myers-briggs profile