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Primarily a Maura Isles, Sasha Alexander and Rizzles appreciation blog. Add some Elementary, Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany, Orange is the New Black, 2 Broke Girls, Harry Potter, P!nk, and Shah Rukh Khan to that. And yes, throw in a bit of Science and Feminism in that mix too!



Fangirl Challenge // 30 Days of Rizzoli & Isles
Day 1: favorite season Day 2: favorite episodeDay 3: least favorite episodeDay 4: favorite characterDay 5: least favorite character Day 6: funniest characterDay 7: funniest momentDay 8: most heartbreaking momentDay 9: favorite parent/daughter momentDay 10: favorite promotional photoDay 11: favorite promotional videoDay 12: most bad-ass momentDay 13: most pathetic momentDay 14: favorite friendshipDay 15: favorite DVD coverDay 16: favorite Maura Isles outfitDay 17: favorite Jane Rizzoli outfitDay 18: favorite minor characterDay 19: favorite poster imageDay 20: favorite headcanonDay 21: favorite AUDay 22: a moment where everything changedDay 23: favorite caseDay 24: favorite “bad guy”Day 25: favorite quoteDay 26: favorite crime sceneDay 27: favorite Maura Isles momentDay 28: favorite Jane Rizzoli momentDay 29: favorite Rizzles momentDay 30: anything you want


Fangirl Challenge // 30 Days of Rizzoli & Isles

Day 1: favorite season
Day 2: favorite episode
Day 3: least favorite episode
Day 4: favorite character
Day 5: least favorite character
Day 6: funniest character
Day 7: funniest moment
Day 8: most heartbreaking moment
Day 9: favorite parent/daughter moment
Day 10: favorite promotional photo
Day 11: favorite promotional video
Day 12: most bad-ass moment
Day 13: most pathetic moment
Day 14: favorite friendship
Day 15: favorite DVD cover
Day 16: favorite Maura Isles outfit
Day 17: favorite Jane Rizzoli outfit
Day 18: favorite minor character
Day 19: favorite poster image
Day 20: favorite headcanon
Day 21: favorite AU
Day 22: a moment where everything changed
Day 23: favorite case
Day 24: favorite “bad guy”
Day 25: favorite quote
Day 26: favorite crime scene
Day 27: favorite Maura Isles moment
Day 28: favorite Jane Rizzoli moment
Day 29: favorite Rizzles moment
Day 30: anything you want


1 year ago

# this is cool# amma try it :D# Rizzoli and Isles# 30 days please don't mind me if it becomes 54 or 63 days

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